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I've been fascinated with the docker platform, and the notion of breaking monolith applications down to their functional parts, or micro-services if you will.  One way to do this, is to break these functions down into individual containers.  This methodology gives you many benefits including: Scaling of individual components, rapid patching of a particular function, increased portability of the application between providers, among many more.

As of this writing, running docker on your Mac couldn't be easier.  To get started go to  It would be helpful to create a docker ID for use in creating repositories of containers for publishing / recalling across multiple docker platform providers. 

Secondly, navigate to Docker for Mac install page

There is an excellent step by step guide here to get Docker up and running on your Mac.  Once you get it installed and running, I highly suggest walking through the Getting Started with Docker for your Mac guide here:


As I get started with more docker containers that I put together for some of my simple applications, I will post them here!