Talk about a relief.  It had been so long since I had taken a VMware test, that I had no idea how in depth the questions would be.  So, I think that I over prepared.  Not that over preparing is necessarily a bad thing, but I finished a 90 minute exam in under 30 minutes.  I was moving at a pretty good clip, and finished the test with a score that not only passed, but was pretty solid.  I felt good with each question, only marking two or so for a quick review at the end.  I was getting 90%+ on the VCP6-NV Practice exam without issue, and I think that it was a pretty accurate indicator of progress.  

For those that are going down this path, here are some things I wish I knew ahead of time.

  • The class is a good resource for getting a base level of info on NSX features, but not at all enough for the exam.
  • Even though Data Security is now a deprecated function, you must still know how it functions and what the requirements are for it.  This is the only section that I had to guess on.  During the class, the instructor said that Data Security was dead, and it was very minor on the exam.  That was inaccurate.
  • Know Cross-vCenter functionality / requirements cold.  If you can do that you are in a great place for the exam.  There is a Hands on Lab for this exercise.  Be able to execute it without the prompts.
  • There were several questions that asked about best practices.  Several of the answers would "work", but you really had to know which pieces made others more efficient.  Know the NSX Install Guide front to back.


Overall, if you take the class, and study all of the available NSX guides (Install / Admin / Cross vCenter / Security Best Practices) you will do pretty well.  Now I am aimed at knocking out the VCAP6-NV exam next quarter.  I will post about my exam preparation as we get closer to the exam.


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