Just got back from a week at summer camp with my scout troop.  Every year is completely different from the year before.  It amazes me how different the experiences are.  There's nothing like spending a week out in the wilderness helping guide a bunch of boys along the trail to eagle.

This year was one for the record books.  This year I took 13 boys to summer camp, and collectively they earned 41 merit badges.  Talk about a ton of work.  It was the first time that all the boys completed all of their prework, and were actually able to complete most of their merit badge classes during the week.  On top of that, we've had 5 boys advance in rank due to the work that they put into summer camp.

What a great productive week!

Never judge a book by its cover.  The fact that all people have an intrinsic value is a core value that is emphasized in scouting.  Here's a great ScoutMaster minute that I have used a couple of times.

(Have two crisp, new dollar bills. Hold one up to show)

Can you all see this dollar bill? Pretty nice looking, isn't it? See how its crisp, clean, and neat? Who would like it? I'm going to give it away to someone, so raise your hand if you'd like it.

OK, before I give it away, let me do this.
(crumple the bill up into a small ball)
Who still wants it?

OK, just a second.
(drop it on the ground and grind it with your foot)
Who still wants it?

(hold the crumpled bill in one hand and the second clean bill in the other)
One of these bills is good looking, clean, and nice to look at. The other is kind of grimey, crumpled, and not too pleasant.

But, neither is more valuable than the other. Their worth is not based on how they look. Like these dollars are valuable because they are dollars, people are valuable just because they are people, not because of how they look.