It's that time of year again.  For the third year in a row, I am sitting at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center patiently awaiting the arrival of Pat Gelsinger on the VMWorld Kickoff Keynote Session. 

Last night's welcome festivities included a hall crawl with all of this year's exhibitors and vendors, along with all the free Coronas that anyone could ever need. There is a great deal of swag available this year for those folks that are interested.  The #1 item this year seams to be socks.  Just about every company has its own socks, and not to be outdone, Rubrik has 4 or 5 different socks to choose from.  I and several other members of the IndyVMUG leadership crew made our rounds.

Also last night was the annual VMUG welcome party at the House of Blues.  Musical entertainment was provided by the excellent cover band "The Hey Jimmy Band."  The did some great covers of songs from the last three decades, and really put on a great show.  As usual, VMUG knows how to get the members excited and ready for a great week at VMWorld.  I'd love to see the Hey Jimmy Band at next year's welcome party too!

Here we are, 5 minutes before the general session.  Time to kick off another VMWorld with a great day of product announcements that will shape the next 5 years of IT.

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